Dialektik, Dialektik Podcast 13 Pixelord photography by Geray Mena


It is a great honor to release this podcast by Alexey Devyanin, a workaholic artist whose production spans almost two decades of different pseudonyms disseminated by a plethora of labels such as Dream Catalogue, Infinite Machine, Leisure System or Opal Tapes, among many others. He here explores the wide-ranging sounds that can be heard through his probably most well-known alias, Pixelord, by means of a hybrid DJ set: a sequence of sonic missiles derived from several hardcore continuum nodes, braindance, bass music, techno, post-dubstep, trap or pop nostalgia. Designed in the post-internet era through the pioneering Russian imprint-community that Devyanin co-manages, Hyperboloid Records, Pixelord refers to an entity that addresses the utopian and dystopian, redemptive and apocalyptic essence of the cyborg, the similarities and conflicts between its protean and dionysian nature and the norm and balance of Henri Lefebvre’s cybernanthrope, and the gap between the present futuristic impulse and its reflection in the literature of past genre.

Photography by Geray Mena.
Set design by Lúa Oliver.