Dialektik, Dialektik Podcast 15 Lorica photography by Geray Mena


German artist Lorica (fka Avbvrn), with previous releases in labels such as DECISIONS, early reflex, Display or JEROME, offers here what he calls a production mix, a recording made up of “children” or “ghosts” of tracks that have been completed and that, in a moment where he is slowly sharing tracks from his archive, might find their way out into the world at some point in the future.

At first glance, what attracts attention is the prospecting in less percussive terrains to delve into other more focused on certain ambient, dark ambient traditions. Indeed, the main idea behind the mix is inspired by how the physicality of sound manifests itself in “a physical space, what it does to environments and how it can draw us out of our present location and into new surroundings”.

However, the most striking thing is the way these surroundings are built. In this respect, it would be appropriate to recall Gilles Deleuze’s research on the work of painter Francis Bacon. In “The Logic of Sensation”, Deleuze writes about ‘The Round Area, the Ring’, an operative field characterised by a space that surrounds an encrusted Figure, but which nonetheless “do not consign the Figure to immobility but, on the contrary, render sensible a kind of progression, an exploration of the Figure within the place, or upon itself”.

In the mix, there are two main ways to unfold this concept. Firstly, the Figure can predominate with respect to others, changing due to the influence of the environment, affecting it in turn. Secondly, the figures are juxtaposed in such a way that they shape a weird, broken Figure made up of things that maybe should not be there. The great source of sounds used makes figures from different eras resonate, atavistic echoes degraded by the effect of the passage of time, or history, and in this sense it is hauntological. Listening to the mix, one has the sensation of going through haunted environments through which The Caretaker, Global Communication, burialesque forms, classical figures, Isolationism and nature sounds parade dim.

Photography by Geray Mena.