Dialektik, Dialektik Podcast 05 Klahrk photography by Geray Mena


Subject of the hauntospatial caught Private Sam Pearce… Or was it the other way around?

“do you believe in ghosts,

firstly, you’re asking a ghost whether he believes in ghosts,
a ghost is a memory of something which has never been present,
long live the ghosts”.

Photography by Geray Mena: “Not CGI, as usual”.

himera – airsensor
inner – closa
relle – con medias
skip found teli – 2 lamp luminaire
tesella – nancy’s pantry
id – id
kavari – glass comb (refreshing water mix)
smog – abschluss scan
clouds – another day
xyn cabal – nowei
aquarian – obsidian (randomer remix)
machinedrum – alarma
slugabed – id
xin – myopia
N1L – neural uberization (GYUR version)
nazar – london assault
contagious – contagious (zöe mc pherson remix)
aïsha devi – i’m not always where my body is (varg2™ remix)
himera & jel the digital dream girl – whisper (id + id remix)
viscount – reverse engineering
dane law – all i won’t name again (ft. ghost dance)