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CuratorCarlos Añón

Visual CommunicationPablo Huertas

AssistantIñaki Abrego (2022–)


It is the true message in the bottle


It is the true message in the bottle

Podcast 09


Eco Futurism Corporation

Eco Futurism Corporation is the precursor of what was called Eco Grime, not so much a genre as a dynamic umbrella term that brings together a growing saga of species whose unfailing characteristic is the combination of natural-tropical sounds (captured by field recordings or generated by computer) and digital sounds within forms and structures typical of grime, Jersey/Baltimore club, R&B, footwork, IDM, ambient, drone or musique concrète, among others. In the extramusical field, its syncretic and open character, fruit of the expansive delocalization derived from the global networks of the Internet, has allowed the construction of a concept defined in its starting point, but changing in its edges, by means of the intersection of ideas from diverse sources, disciplines and themes: solarpunk, futurism, architecture, artificial intelligence, CGI, degrowth, post/transhumanism, geo/biopolitics, biodiversity, (bio)economy, postdadafuturism, the Venus Project by J. Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, Blade Runner or a merged identification of Predator and Alien as symbols, respectively, of “king of the jungle” and technological future represented by the spacecraft —luckily, there seems to be no trace of Unabomber-type activism.

Although ethereal and diffuse in its political goals, if any —perhaps this is where its charm comes from—, Eco Futurism Corporation utopianly imagines a future that displays a combined reconciliation of the ideas of the Nature/Culture myth without shredding it. When, together with other labels with similar ambitions —other “Eco Teams” from the “Eco World”—, it has produced stories typical of cyberpunk, dystopia and post-apocalypse, it has done so in order to substantiate and superimpose an optimistic scenario. Precisely, in these dark times, full of uncertainty, we find an example: the counterpart of the COVID-19 disaster is a massive reduction of gas emissions; we are talking about the environmental catastrophe, one of the two springs or fractures pointed out by Mark Fisher in “Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?” as a revelation of Reality repressed by the hyper-realistic structural fantasy imposed by neoliberalism.

After a 1.5-year hiatus and nearing its fifth anniversary, Eco Futurism Corporation returned last month with an album by HERBARIUM, and two days ago launched the compilation “ВЕЧНАЯ ВЕСНААААА (ETERNAL SPRING)”. In this context, Andrea IV, Eco Futurism Corporation and Bio Future Laboratory’s CEO, delivers a mix whose selection includes an 80% of unreleased stuff from the label and sub-label, and which can serve as a preview of near futures.

Photography by Geray Mena.

ecology141 – intro
BLADEBLANC – Swamp Fuss [EFC unreleased]
MARTYYNA – Raindrop counting
T5UMUT5UMU – Tropical Biodiversity [EFC unreleased]
Ecdysis – Clonae [BFL unreleased]
c / a – S O F T W A R E ~ S E R E N A DE (cut) [BFL unreleased]
Francesco – Adaptability [EFC unreleased]
silént phil – dxp’fo98676 [EFC unreleased]
Francesco – Ressources (cut) [EFC unreleased]
Huffy Fibryyx – son moi [BFL unreleased]
silént phil – XCOM [BFL unreleased]
Comechelet – Quake [BFL unreleased]
Vcu1A – Donnie Darko [BFL unreleased]
ava* – who do you love more [BFL unreleased] x рай не сегодня – космос нас ждёт
metra.vestlud – Filter [EFC unreleased]