Dialektik, Futrhur Electronix Showcase w/ Cignol live, Junq live, Anil poster by Koln Studio

Furthur Electronix w/ Junq live Cignol live Anil

Dialektik No. 01

Sala Siroco

Furthur Electronix is run by Anil Lal with the collaboration of Majkel on graphic design. Since its creation in 2017, this highly acclaimed brand has published the work of such relevant names to contemporary electronic dance music as DMX Krew, Brainwaltzera, The Future Sound Of London, Mike Paradinas (under the alias of Tusken Raiders) and Michael Cullen (as The Kosmik Kommando) –apart from, among others, the aforementioned Cignol and Junq. Furthur Electronix also represents one of the two halves that make up the collaborative label Touched Electronix, founded together with Touched – Music For Macmillan Cancer Support, by Martin Boulton (better known as Min-Y-Llan).

“I collect interesting, rare, obscure beautiful music”, says Anil in his personal profile of Discogs, a web environment where he has acquired over the years notoriety as an active musical collector regardless of inflexible aesthetic pigeonholing. Furthur Electronix operates under the same principle, with the corresponding hybridization of musical styles that we hear in its publications (acid, ambient, electro, techno, IDM, etc.) as a result. The night of March 23 promises to be a stimulating display of this particular way of understanding contemporary musical trends.

Poster by Koln Studio.

00:00 Sheetone
01:00 Anil
02:00 Cignol live
03:00 Junq live
04:30 Anil b2b Sheetone