Dialektik, Air Max '97, AYA (fka LOFT) poster by Koln Studio

Air Max ’97 aya (fka LOFT)

Dialektik No. 02

Sala Siroco

Deconstructed club is perhaps the most overused term of those that allude to a postmodern musical trend essentially defined by four main characteristics: the overlapping, blurring or shredding, via hybridization, abstraction and experimentation, of the boundaries of these well-defined but unfixed fields called musical genres, such as industrial, Jersey/Baltimore club, ballroom, ambient, pop, techno, metal, various manifestations of the hardcore continuum or any discretionally selected reference; an active response to the effects of the economic crisis and specific political-social contexts; the standardization of archivism and the internet’s own global networks; the virtually ubiquitous use of digital production, the implementation of forms such as the bootleg, the mash-up or the remix and the research on the technical possibilities of the CDJ. The different equalizations of these four elements by their epigones have erected dystopian and utopian aesthetics that deal with issues such as capitalism, feminism, queer theory, colonialism, futurism or technology, have given voice to marginalized communities, and have reinforced the dialectic relationship between the mainstream and the underground.

In the case of Air Max ’97, his productions, classified as “nightmare dance music” or “oblique club trax”, allude to grime, Jersey club, pop and certain aspects of the technically more obsessive IDM, and offer commentary on globalization, consumerism or online-offline duality. Owner of DECISIONS, whose motto is “Music to move people”, his sessions are dynamic complexes characterized by the juxtaposition of disparate elements.

The work of AYA, formerly known as LOFT, is constantly and directly influenced by the subject of gender identity and recent processes of personal rediscovery. The contrast between optimistic luminosity and oppressive chaos, not forgetting an unhealthy sense of humor, is present both in her sessions and in her productions, which, disseminated by Tri Angle, Astral Plane and Wisdom Teeth, or self-edited, mostly refer to the hardcore continuum –especially jungle/DnB– but also to techno, pop/R&B divas et al.

Poster by Koln Studio.

00:00 Sheetone
02:00 Air Max ’97
03:30 AYA (fka LOFT)
05:00 Air Max ’97 b2b AYA (fka LOFT)