Dialektik, Lee Gamble, Claudia, PacoBell b2b Willy, Lisa Randall, Sheetone, poster by Koln Studio, photography by Geray Mena

Lee Gamble 3-hour set

Dialektik No. 11

Sala MUV

For more than a decade, Lee Gamble has created a referential oeuvre that deals with several themes embedded in late capitalism and neoliberalism issues such as cybernetics, AI, simulation, big data, bioethics, social change, hyperstition, hauntology, Mark Fisher’s situationist-like and Baudrillardesque concept of semioblitz or concepts taken from Deleuze and Guattari, all this within forms, techniques and processes of computer music, musique concrete, hardcore continuum nodes, techno, club music or ambient. (For instance, to see the interrelations between form and content, take a look at his ‘Models’ project, his Hyperdub triptych or his links with CCRU’s theorisations and visions of jungle, or how one of the most characteristic traits of Gamble’s music consists in the use of preludes and interludes typical of jungle to generate new spaces and modes of listening, which recalls, via Carl Dahlhaus —in a case of one of those problematic translations between the no-less problematic spheres of academic/serious and pop/everyday music—, Ferruccio Bussoni’s futuristic ideas on how objects and “musical passages that had hitherto rested in obscurity” or “lost in a corner would be seized upon by utopian awareness and suddenly invested with far-reaching significance.”)

Apart from that, Gamble has also been developing over the years an expansive DJ-style that reflects most of his concerns, exemplified through several ways of mixing and modes of selection, from the abstract to hectic to cutting-up to acceleration to raving to “futuristic club bangers”, as the description of his Motor System moniker that he exposes at NTS shows, “exploring contemporary dance floor-mechanics”. Lee Gamble’s unusual 3-hour DJ set held at Dialektik promises to be a showcase of some of these different sides.

Poster by Koln Studio.
Photography by Geray Mena.

00:00 Lisa Randall
01:15 PacoBell b2b Willy
02:45 Sheetone
04:00 Lee Gamble
07:00 Claudia